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Sciatica is not uncommon at our Renton WA chiropractic clinic. Learning more about sciatica and how the medical community treats it will hopefully help you understand your pain. Sciatica is named so because it deals with pain from the sciatic nerve which is the longest and largest in the body and runs from the lower spine to the lower leg. It controls the muscles in the lower leg.

The ability to feel pain in the thigh, entire leg and soles of your feet are provided by the sciatic nerve. When this nerve is irritated the pain can be felt throughout the leg and this is commonly referred to as sciatica. Any kind of irritation to the nerve can be classified as sciatica.


As many know the most obvious and common symptom is pain that is present where the nerve is present. It is also usually felt only on one side of the body. Different situations can result in different sensations of pain when experiencing sciatica.

This mainly depends on the location of the irritation; one can experience tingling, aching, or burning sensations. The feeling of needles poking the skin is sometimes felt as well, followed by a lack of strength in the affected leg or foot. For the most part, sciatica is not intense at first but rather progresses slowly and is accelerated by: sitting for long periods, bending, coughing, sneezing, and sudden movements.


The process of diagnosing sciatica is initially performed by a physician. Additionally, a neurological examination of your legs and spine may be completed. This assessment tests sensory strength when performing activities along with assessing your reflexes, strength, and pain from specific movements.


The majority of sciatica cases can see great relief from chiropractic care. Since sciatica differs in location and cause, the treatments are tailored to you. Hughes Chiropractic and Massage will treat the pain with noninvasive methods that exclude surgery and medication. Your chiropractor will focus on adjusting the spine, allowing for the healing process to begin and reduce irritation.

If you have any questions that we did not address please call our chiropractic clinic in Renton WA today and feel free to schedule a consultation with the experienced team at Hughes Chiropractic and Massage.

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