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  • Supporting Spinal Health
    You've only got one spine. Take great care of it with supportive chiropractic care.
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Dr. Trisha Hughes is a chiropractor serving Renton and the surrounding area. At Hughes Chiropractic and Massage in Renton Washington, we believe that chiropractic care is a key to healthy everyday living. Treatments give patients realignments and relief that they may not have known they needed. Chiropractic appointments are not only for those suffering from an injury, accident, pain, or headaches, but also for those who want to wake up, attend to their bodies and feel new again.

Here at Hughes Chiropractic and Massage we are very passionate about our patient care. We are very flexible when it comes to scheduling. We work with our patients to help them understand their insurance policies and what their insurance will cover. We design a treatment plan based on the patients’ needs to get them feeling better. We believe that by getting patients involved in the treatment plan and staying focused on the care that patients will have a better understanding about their treatment. Once the patient is ready the chiropractor will start them on core strengthening and home exercise programs as well. Patients will also learn how to keep their spine healthy and how to continue with care once their treatment plans are completed.

To keep your spine healthy you have to make sure you continue to get maintenance to your spine just like you get maintenance on your vehicle or house. If your body is out of alignment it can affect multiple things in your life. It can affect your sleep, your energy levels, your appetite, your blood pressure, your breathing, and your digestion system.

We take pride providing excellent care and excellent customer service. Patients that have never been treated due to an auto accident or work injury leave our clinic with the knowledge that they need to help them through this injury. Patients that need more information about understanding chiropractic care speak to the Chiropractor themselves. Patients that need help with billing or insurance questions can go to the office staff for assistance. The Office Manager will always go above and beyond to answer your questions.

Please visit the testimonials page to see what our patients are saying about Hughes Chiropractic and Massage and the results they experience in getting regular chiropractic treatments.

Dr. Trisha Hughes
Renton Chiropractor | Hughes Chiropractic & Massage | (425) 271-4543

1222 Bronson Way North, Suite 120
Renton, WA 98057

Meet the Doctor


    Dr. Hughes has been a board certified Chiropractor since she graduated from Palmer University in 2005. She opened Hughes Chiropractic and Massage in 2007 and has been voted “Best Chiropractor in Renton” in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Dr. Hughes enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog, Grace. In particular, she enjoys camping, hiking, surfing, and bicycling. Also, she’s a scuba diver and passionate about helping patients.


    The moment you walk in you are greeted with a smile and automatically feel at ease. The check in process is amazing as you check every point on your body that is in pain and describe the pain for you. They sanitize after every client and get you in and out quickly. The doctor talks the way you would actually understand what’s going on. Her office is a very at home family vibe I love it. Her work itself is above and beyond. She remembers your name and your story without checking a chart which makes you feel as though she really cares. I highly recommend coming here.

    Kaycee S.

    I was in an accident about two months ago and needed a place to get help. Stumbled upon Hughes Chiropractic after doing some research and it turned out to be a good decision. Dr Hughes and her staff gave me the attention and care that I needed. If you are looking for a place to get help I can recommend you go here like I did and not regret it.

    Fergus M.

    I started receiving treatment at Hughes Chiropractic and massage after an auto accident. I had pain in both my neck and back and couldn't twist, bend, walk or go up stairs without pain and difficulty. Now, I'm able to move a lot easier and with significantly less pain. Dr. Hughes was very informative and professional and created a treatment plan for me that got my life back on track! The massage therapists were all great as well and can give a good deep tissue massage! Already I'm feeling so much better and plan to continue treatment!

    AN S

    Incredibly clean store... service always with a smile ...They are skilled at what they do... I would encourage anybody to visit the store , especially if they need their services....

    Keith H.

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