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hughes chiropractic and massage

I am really grateful for meeting Dr. Trisha Hughes. She has been excellent at treating my neck and back pain. I was rear ended and was in severe pain.She is very positive and objective. Since I am also an animal lover, I love meeting her friendly dog who always greets me when I go in for adjustments. She has excellent staff and they are friendly. Her massage therapist are great too. All in all I recommend this chiropractic care to anyone who is in severe pain. Definitely you will feel better when you leave after being treated.Sharon Ngo, May 2016
Hughes Chiropractic  Best of Renton Award 2015
Hughes Chiropractic  Best of Renton Award 2016
Hughes Chiropractic  Best of Renton Award 2016
This is a great place everyone that works there is awesome. Dr. Hughs is very knowledgeable and cares about the patients. Also the massage therapist are great at their job. Plus she is dog friendly. Roger L., October 2016
Excellent experience! I was a skeptic at first, but now I’m pain free! Thank you!Nick W., October 2016
Best chiropractor in town. Well ran office.Jim N., October 2016
Trisha takes the time to help and heal. I’ve been to other chiropractors that apparently want to keep you hurting so you have to come back, but Dr Hughes finds the problem and solves it. You can actually see the results.Scott F., October 2016
I can’t say anything negative about my experience with Dr. Hughes and her staff. It’s so nice to walk in the door and the staff knows you by name. I can’t say that about other doctor’s offices I have been to in the past. The friendly environment is six stars. Dr. Hughes is a one stop shop, you get your x-rays done on-site and there is also two great massage staff onsite to help with your recovery. I must stay I’m actually happy I was in a car accident, I would have never met these great people. She has also made my medical claim process super easy I did not have to pay a penny out of pocket for my treatment plan. I highly recommend this small practice to future people. Brandy W., May2016
When I first started going to Hughes chiropractic I was skeptical sense, I had heard several myths about the industry. I started treatment for 2 consecutive months. My neck & back gradual started to make improvements. I decided to see Dr. Hughes on continuum. Since then I have made it part of my normal routine to get adjusted. I also have a lot more flexibility in my neck than I have had in the last 15yrs. The Doctor is efficient. This office staff is phenomenal, they are also good at making you feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Hughes to anyone who needs a good chiropractor.Noah C., May 2016
Great Customer Service, Ladies at the front desk are nice and very helpful. The Chiropractor was great and help adjust my lower back. I woke up one morning with lower back pain and Dr. Hughes worked on my back and now I feel great…… I have recommended her to my friends and family.Alyssa G., February 2016
I came to Dr. Hughes with back pain and deep pain in my hip. After x-rays, it was discovered that I had scoliosis and arthritis. She informed me that it would take several weeks to treat. After visiting her for a few months, thankfully, I received substantial relief. At each visit, she showed expertise, care and attention to my particular needs. I am pleased to recommend her care.Debbie R., January 2015
Service is thoughtful to your specific issues (thorough) yet quick. Office super clean, staff friendly, manipulation quick and relieving, massages are Great.James K., October 2016
Awesome staff!Dien N., October 2016
Amazing experience with Dr. Hughes and her team. She is incredibly understanding of beefs and great flexible scheduling options. Could not ask for a better experienceKatie N., September 2016
Dr. Hughes is an excellent Doctor of Chiropractic. Her foundation of knowledge and skill is unparalleled. Her office is organized, well run and in a convenient location. The staff are very friendly and courteous and waiting times are not too long.
I highly recommend this facility for those who are searching for a top chiropractic experience.Steve G., May 2016
Great office! Dr. Huges is a very experienced doctor and knows her stuff. I been a patient for some time and Im glad I found this clinic.Nas A., April 2016
Dr. Hughes is wonderful! I suffer from back/neck issues resulting from a car accident and had tried massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, etc. Though they all had their own benefits, none of those doctors understood my body and pain the way Dr. Hughes did. Prior to going there, I was frustrated by what I felt were just a bunch of doctors who didn’t really care if I got better.

I had x-rays before but they never told me anything helpful. When Dr. Hughes did x-rays, she took the time to go through each one and show me how my bones should look vs. how they did look – it was finally some validation that there really was something wrong. She genuinely cares about her patients getting better, which sadly is not always the case.

I’ve seen more benefit than I ever expected from chiropractic care. In addition to that, it’s easy to get appointments and the office staff is always really friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend that anyone go see Dr. Hughes!Brianna A., March 2016

Wonderful place! Great staff. Best massage of my life!Jen Sierra., October 2016
Best chiropractic in Renton! Very flexible and consistently great customer service!! Highly recommended!Maddison S., October 2016
Dr. Hughes is amazing! Before treatment, we had a great conversation about my back problems and recommended a treatment plan that fits my busy schedule. I’m about half way through that plan and already feel great!!
Thanks Dr. Hughes! 🙂Darrin J., September 2016
Dr. Hughes is great. I have required treatment and adjustments for my lower back since 1975, so every time I have moved, I had to find a new doctor. After moving to the area in 2013, I needed an adjustment and selected a doctor on my route home from work. Treated a few times and didn’t like it at all. After doing some research, I found Dr. Hughes office and have been a patient ever sincePerry R., April 2016
Dr. Hughes is great. I have required treatment and adjustments for my lower back since 1975, so every time I have moved, I had to find a new doctor. After moving to the area in 2013, I needed an adjustment and selected a doctor on my route home from work. Treated a few times and didn’t like it at all. After doing some research, I found Dr. Hughes office and have been a patient ever since.Perry R., April 2016
Dr. Hughes and her team are very kind and professional. Her in house masseuses are great! I would recommend Hughes Chiropractic to anyone in the neighborhood!MOWGZ, April 2016
Ive been to several different chiropractors and they seem to just run through their patients and treat you like a number. Ive been going to Dr. Hughes for the last 2 years and its been a great experience. I have a very unpredictable work schedule and she allows me to make appointments on short notice, if she can squeeze me in and she usually does. Her staff always welcomes me with a smile and i would recommend Dr. Hughes to anyone looking for a chiropractor that actually listens to their concerns about their health and structures a plan based on the needs of the patient.Eugene M., April 2016
Dr. Hughes (or Doc as she is affectionately called) has been absoloutely wonderful in her treatment of my back and neck. She is very kind and understanding of my needs, and me in general. I’ve been seeing her since last October through L&I treatments, she’s talked me through what I need to know about what’s going on in my x-rays, who I need to see for follow-ups, and guiding me through my healing process.

The massage staff is consistent and listen to my issues and have helped my healing quite a lot. They were able to relieve my issues for days, sometimes weeks if I kept constant in my appointments. They’ve been able to keep my pain nearly non-existent, and for that, I thank them.

The front desk staff have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, we’re able to talk at length if we get into authentic conversation, and it’s so refreshing to actually be able to get to know the staff well.

Overall, this is a bona fide friendly, welcoming, supportive, and essential place to visit for all your chiropractic and massage needs.Mo T., April 2016