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Upper Back Pain

Back pain can cause a lot of problems and reduce quality of life due to discomfort and lowered range of motion, but you don’t have to just live with it. There are ways to get the support and treatment you need to address issues with upper back pain and related conditions.

Upper Back Pain Relief Kent, WAIf you’re in the Renton, WA area and are in need of a chiropractor, Hughes Chiropractic and Massage is here to help. We understand how back pain can affect you and want to provide you with options to get back to living life fully again.

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What Causes Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain can have a lot of different causes. An accident or injury can result in pain or discomfort, but so can a chronic condition or repetitive movement. People who have physically demanding jobs, for example, may experience more pain in their upper back.

That’s also true of people who’ve been in auto accidents or who play certain types of sports. Finding the cause of an injury is important, so it can be treated to more fully reduce problems and provide more range of motion with less difficulty.

How Does Chiropractic Help?

Our chiropractor can help with pain in the upper back by making sure that your bones and joints are all aligned properly. Spinal misalignments frequently cause pain, and it’s easy to move things out of place by twisting incorrectly or otherwise moving in a way that’s hard on the spine.

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Sometimes this happens completely by accident and some people may be more susceptible to issues than others. By working with our chiropractor, you can have a properly aligned spine that will help you feel and move better.

What Does Massage Offer?

Massage is also a valuable way to treat upper back pain in some people. It helps loosen the muscles around the spine so it’s easier to move things back into place. Tense muscles can lead to joint misalignment and can also contribute to pain and a shortened range of motion.

By relaxing your back through massage, that tension is eased and upper back pain can be reduced or eliminated. Massage, coupled with chiropractic manipulation, may produce the best results for most people.

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If you’re in the Renton, WA area and are experiencing upper back pain, Hughes Chiropractic and Massage can help. We want you to feel comfortable and be able to get back to the things you enjoy doing in life. With the right treatment, that’s more likely to be possible.

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How Do Our Patients Feel About Us?
  • "I absolutely love getting adjusted by Dr. Hughes!!! The relief I feel instantly afterwards is incredible! Dr. Hughes is so caring and thoughtful, I really appreciate her, and her ability to ease my back and neck pain. The staff is always so nice, helpful and welcoming! Also, Jeannie Anderst, is really great at massages, I appreciate her help and kindness."

    - Sharon R.
  • "I’m so glad I chose Dr. Hughes for treatment. I felt better immediately and she is very good at what she does. We agreed to a modest treatment plan and there never any pressure to add anything unnecessary. Great experience."

    - Tim F.
  • "Dr. Hughes has helped me immensely with my pain and range of motion. I never though it would be possible to go about my day without some occurrence of neck or back pain and I’m happy to say that is not true!! I referred my sister and I would refer anyone else out there in need of a chiropractor!"

    - Annelise Z.
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