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Each leg is supplied with sciatic nerves that branch from your lower back down through your hips and buttocks. Sciatica is a common condition that affects up to 40% of people.

Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg. Typically, sciatica affects only one side of your body. If you struggle with sciatica, schedule an appointment at our Renton WA chiropractic clinic today.


Herniated disks, bone spurs on the spine, and narrowing of the spine (spinal stenosis) are the most common causes of sciatica. This causes inflammation, pain, and often some numbness in the affected leg.

The most distinctive sign of sciatica is pain that radiates from your lower back into the back or side of your legs. It can range from a mild ache to sharp, severe pain. Severe harm to your sciatic nerve roots can motivate modern neurological signs and calls for instant treatment. The signs might also affect one or each leg and usually consist of the following: Numbness. Weakness.

Most sciatica is caused by problems that affect the L4, L5, or S1 nerve roots. The nerve may be compressed or irritated, usually, because it’s being rubbed by a disc, bone, joint, or ligament. The resulting inflammation makes the tissues and the nerves more sensitive and the pain feels worse.

Some symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Moderate to severe pain in the lower back, buttock, and down your leg.
  • Numbness or weakness in your lower back, buttock, leg, or feet.
  • Pain that worsens with movement; loss of movement.
  • Pins and needles” feeling in your legs, toes, or feet.


A chiropractor might be able to help relieve sciatica pain. Using spinal manipulation techniques and other natural practices, chiropractors can help relieve the pressure on your sciatic nerve. You might also have X-rays taken, so the chiropractor can understand what’s causing your pain. For example, an X-ray might show that your spine is narrowed and pinching your sciatic nerve. Sciatica-like pain can usually be relieved within four visits or less.

Treatment also includes stretching and making use of managed strain for your joints. The chiropractor may propose unique sports orders to do at domestic to assist together along with your pain. Some can also offer vitamins and wellbeing training which can assist relieve your symptoms.

Make an appointment at your nearest chiropractic clinic and start your sessions right now and feel better again in no time!

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