Hughes Chiropractic Team

Hughes Chiropractic and Massage is a state of the art Healthcare Clinic that has been in Renton since 2007. Dr.Hughes graduated from Palmer University with a doctorate degree.
Hughes Chiropractic and Massage is completely equipped to take X-Ray’s in their clinic. They are equipped with a wonderful digital system. This X-Ray system has many positive benefits in the patients’ care as well.
We are able to take and review X-Rays with patients to actually show the patient what their spine looks like.
Advantages of digital X-Rays are: higher quality, enhanced X-Ray image quality, fewer files cluttering office space, and no use of chemical developers.

Dr. Trisha Hughes

Dr. Trisha Hughes

Dr. Hughes has been a board certified Chiropractor since she graduated from Palmer University in 2005. She opened Hughes Chiropractic and Massage in 2007 and has been voted “Best Chiropractor in Renton” in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Dr. Hughes enjoys exploring the outdoors with her dog, Grace. In particular, she enjoys camping, hiking, surfing, and bicycling.

Hughes Chiropractic Office Manager

Lisa Grennan, Office Manager

Prior to Hughes Chiropractic and Massage, Lisa worked in healthcare for four years. She is very detail-oriented and provides excellent customer service. Lisa takes great care to ensure each patient gets the attention they need. She is a hardworking, single mother of one beautiful daughter. Lisa especially loves hiking, swimming, working out, and running. Lisa also spends her spare time running a not-for profit organization. She also has her Associates Degree in Health Information Technology from Kaplan University. If you have any questions, Lisa is the one to ask.

Wesley, Hughes Chiropractic LMP

Wesley Espinosa, LMP

Wesley Espinosa graduated from Ashmead College in 2005. Since graduation he has fully enjoyed working as a Massage Therapist. He is very passionate about the positive effects therapy has on both the body and the mind. Wesley can provide deep tissue, trigger point, sports massage, and neuromuscular treatment.

He can also work with you on injury rehabilitation due to a car accident or work-related injury. He always encourages everyone to try massage therapy at least once, in order to determine if massage therapy should be part of their regular self-care. Wesley is married and has two children, a son and a daughter. During his free time Wesley enjoys fishing, fish keeping, and building and creating his own fish habitats.

Sonia, Hughes Chiropractic AAS, LMP

Sonia Joseph, AAS/LMP

Sonia Joseph’s first experience with Chiropractic and Massage was in 1997 when she was severely injured in a massive automobile accident. Impressed with the results, it immediately sparked an interest in Massage Therapy. Sonia transferred her major to Massage Therapy shortly after and attended Renton Technical College to complete the Massage Practitioner Program. Graduating in 2000 with an AAS / LMP, Sonia has been in practice for 18 years. She specializes in injury-related treatment for auto and work-related injuries, chronic pain management, deep tissue massage, prenatal massage and relaxation.

Sonia takes great care to personalize treatments by combining deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy to achieve the results her clients seek. Sonia always emphasizes the importance of health and healing in and out of the office. Her intentions are to enhance a client’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family. Sonia is the mother of two sons. They are her number one priority. When she has time, she enjoys mediation, music and dancing. Sonia has a passion for continuing education and personal growth. Her goals are to share her expertise, be positive, healthy and humble.

Sonia is currently available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 1:00 pm -7 pm.

Wesley, Hughes Chiropractic LMP

Phyllis McClain

Prior to Hughes Chiropractic and Massage, Phyllis has worked in a variety of medical clinics. She is very detail-oriented and provides excellent customer service. Phyllis takes great care to ensure each patient gets the attention they need. Phyllis loves crocheting and walking. Phyllis enjoys watching movies after a long day in the office. Phyllis is a mother to one beautiful daughter. Phyllis also loves cats.

Grace O’Malley

Grace is a 9-year-old Lab, Whippet, Dalmatian mix!! She has been with Dr. Hughes since she was a pup and is known for her expertise in greeting patients. She loves the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, swimming, playing at the park, and dog agility classes.